Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skandagiri Trekking

Yesterday we went for trekking in Skandagiri hills. It was our official monsoon offsite. Almost 30 people was there. Actually we were heading to Savanadurga hills but due to heavy traffic we decided to go here. I was pretty much happy about this. I trekked in skandagiri earlier and was looking for another chance since then. The journey was a little bit boring because of heavy traffic. Other than that the whole day was simply awesome. Everything was perfect for the trekking. The weather was terrific.. it was windy & cloudy. The view was really stunning from the top. I tried to capture it with my camera. Best of all when we were almost down, it started raining. It was simply awesome. We played soccer at the downhills in the muddy & watery field. We were so drenched into water that our driver said he wont take us in his bus. Today I feel like every muscle of my whole lower body is aching. But this ache is nothing compared to the joy we achieved yesterday.

Few photos:

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