Friday, July 14, 2006

Last Class @ University

13.July.06. Its may be an ordinary date. but for me its extra-ordinary. this is the day, i had my last class in my university life. i dont think of myself doing the Grad or PostGrad courses. so this might be my last academic class in my life. dont ask me how it feel? i dont know the answer. cause sometimes i am feeling great, a relief - "oh at last its over!", and sometimes its like something has taken, snatched from me which was in my daily life routine for the past few years. there will be no sleeping in the classes, no chatting, no nothing. its weird. bye

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Best game so far in WC'06

Have you watched the game yesterday? The 1st world cup semi-final between Germany and Italy. I think this is the best game so far, played in this world cup. Although Italy dominated the whole game but the result could have been different. One moment of briliance and Ballack's team was out of the tournament. It was heartbreaking to concede goals at the very last moment of the game. Italian defence line proved again why they are called the best defencive teams of this world. Today in the 2nd semi-final France and Portugal will meet each other. Hope this match will also be a classic.