Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

Yesterday we watched the new batman movie. It was on my the hot list for several reasons. First of all for Heath Ledger and Cristian Bale. All my friends who have seen the movie earlier, their reaction was like, "Gooo-ooh-ood". I did not like the earlier Batman movies that much. 'Batman Begins' was ok, but not something extra-ordinary. After watching this one, I have to say, this is something extra-ordinary. Ledger was top of the class, and Bale was perfect fit for the batman. But all i can think is Ledger is gone. Its hard to get the fact the guy is dead. I liked him when I saw the movie 'Ten Things I Hate About You'. He was not that kind of actor who only has a pretty face.

Today I had the chance to read the reviews at Its absolutely amazing. It also turns out the long lasting number 1 in imdb is no longer 'Godfather', the place is claimed by this movie. Maybe its because for the hype/softness for the late actor. Lets see for how long it can hold the first place. All the top newspapers also had similar kind of review. They also stated that Ledger might get the academy award for his role as the joker.

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