Friday, June 30, 2006

Random words

Hi all, How are you? Its been a long time i didnt write up here. My pc is out of order and so am I. Few days ago I had a trip to Bangalore [ India ] and hopefully i will write short story about the trip. Our month long vacation is over and we will hav the same boring and dull classes again. Most probably you all are busy with the world cup football. Yeah its warm now.. i should rather say hot now. Today i hope to watch two classic matches. England vs Portugal & Brazil vs France. My prediction is that Portugal will win 2-1 and Brazil with same scoreline as in 1958, 5-2 [ yeah i am a fan of Brazil ]. Bye. Keep watching the world cup.


Anonymous said...

Very good prediction. Almost 100% correct.

Just wanted to add a few things. Only two teams were totally outplayed in the Quarter Final Level. One is Ukraine and the other is ... GUESS.

Hint: First character of the name of the team is 'B'

Anonymous said...