Saturday, June 03, 2006

We lost to 9th batch

Last 31st May, we [7th batch] played football against 9th batch of our department. The result was 3-1. But i think the result does not indicate the whole thing here. Our boys played super. Nuruddin, Nayeem, Isthi, Murgi, Sarfa all played wonderful. Bipul scored a brilliant one and we get a lead of 1-0 in the first half. But the equalizer of Ratan [9th batch] was a class. A through from Himel and Ratan made no mistake to put it over Isti. First half ended as 1-1. And just after start of 2nd half, Himel again scored from a set piece and left no one of us to blame. We started playing all out and made some excellent chances with Arafat, Murgi. But it seemed luck did not favour us. And at the very last minitue they scored the last one. Although the result would have been totaly opposite. 6 Mins before the end we got a penalty and the referee did not answer. And our key striker Maruf was injured at about 15 mins after the game started and that was the main blow for us.

As a team it was a big big upset for us. Cause before this match we was unbeaten. We did not loose to any team before.

We are desparately waiting to take revenge of this match.

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