Sunday, June 21, 2009

Photography Experiments : Water droplets

I haven't done any shooting or experiments lately. Got my tripod few days back. I bought Benro C-258 M8 and Benro B-3 Ballhead. So far I am satisfied with the tripod.

Yesterday I tried to take a picture of water droplets. Here are the pics:

Water droplets

A drop of water

I had to set the focusing manually cause the lens was having very hard time focusing on the droplets. Strobist info: I used white background, SB-600 at 24mm, 1/16th power placed 1 feet away from the drops. And It was triggered by gadget infinity's cactus v4. Camera's white balance was set to tungsten to get the blue effect.

Update: I tried to describe the whole process here.


Anonymous said...
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Azam said...

man you rock. nice work. so how much do you spend on this?

Arif Siddiquee said...

Hi Azam,

Thanks for passing by. I didn't spend that much on tripod. This one (tripod + ballhead) costs 438$. Its the chinese mimic of gitzo tripods. I bought it from hongkong ebay. And for speedlight, I got the sb-600. It costed around 210$. Initially I planned to get an SB-800 but they are out of market and pretty costly so ended up buying this one. This one is also very good. you should get some speedlight. Its really fun.

Md. Afzal Hossain said...

Nice shooting!

Arif Siddiquee said...

Thanks Afzal..