Monday, April 20, 2009

Trekking at Mission Peak

Spring is here in California. The days are long and weather is just right for trekking. So we bunch of out of shape guys decided to trek at Mission Peak of Fremont. We were 6 in total. People goes here for normal backyard walk. Its only 2,517 feet high and 2.7 mile walk to reach the summit. Even so it proved quite hard for us. I haven't done any trekking for long time, I think it was july, 2008.

We started to ascend at 4pm. On our way to the top I thought several times to stop and go back. I don't know what kept me going, maybe it was the lure of taking pictures from the top, or just the kids who are going up. But despite of all the odds we didn't give up and finally reached the summit at 6:05pm. All of us were exhausted by then. But the feelings of reaching the top, the determination and not giving up made the whole effort worthwhile.

I didn't take that much photos while going up. Guess I was too tired to take the snaps. I did take few from the top. Here is few of them.


We started to descend at 7pm. Everything was fine but then I slipped. It was all because of my shoes. My elbow got scratched. Thank god that I only slipped once, with those shoes i was lucky not to slip again. Lesson learned in hard way.

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