Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pick from my youtube playlist, part 1

My general observation:
Hi speed internet connection + free time = you are a youtube junkie.

Yes, its absolutely true. Even if you don't directly go to youtube, all the blogs, news sites are loaded with youtube video links. And once you are there, you are bound to check whats new. As the videos plays instantly and you go on.. click.. click.. related videos.. and yes, by that time 20 minutes is gone. I am not saying its totally worthless. Sometimes you really find something really good, something really meaningful. Most of the times if I come across these videos, I say to myself "I should have made this". Ok folks, long story short. Here are few of my youtube picks.

An animation film that won Golden Palm in Cannes 1973. Directed by Fyodor Khitruk.

Can we kiss? A short film by french director Pierre Oliver.

An Indian awareness ad. Though I don't understand hindi properly, but the message here is clear as daylight.

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