Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thoughts on 24/7 News Channels

Recently I observed something that really annoyed me. Every single news channel, at least in India never shows any good news. Its like every thing happening in the world in bad, something horrible or all weird news only. I asked some of my colleagues about this. Almost all of them said that they also noticed this. Some of them argued its for the best of us. People are getting more conscious. They are taking more protective measure. I just wonder how this will impact the day to day life of a normal healthy kid, to whom this world is just a heaven. Aren't we turning this to a hell to them?
My point is, besides all those horrifying news or events, there are lot more things happening in this world, really beautiful. Please, highlight them also. Surely those will cheer up all of us. Please do this for the kids. Don't make their world into a nightmare. Let it be as beautiful as it is now.


Ahmad Ferdous Bin Alam said...
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Ahmad Ferdous Bin Alam said...

The world is no longer a safe place to live on :(

News channels may be trying to get this message across their audience.

I think 30 plus people are the target audience of these news channels. Aged people always love reminiscing their early life and saying how those days were far better than present days. News channels might exploit this tendency!!!

Anyway, apart from the kids, what about the youth? Shouldn't they let us watch something encouraging, something that would get us confident enough to break the barrier?