Saturday, May 12, 2007

Programming Windows

Hi all,
I have started learning windows programming. Haven't gone through a lot. Just in the beginner position. I bought the book "Programming windows, 5th Ed" By Charles Petzold. This is quite good. Although the book says knowledge in C is ok to start windows programming but i doubt that. Anyone who wants to start windows programming, prolific knowledge in C and OOP is must. Here i am only talking about native code (win32) not the managed code. After completing petzold i have planned for learning ATL and WTL. A lot tutorials can be found over net on those topics but for WTL - i found tutorials on Codeproject is the best. Books on ATL or WTL seems rare. I couldn't manage any.
Looking for more tutorials on win32, ATL & WTL. If i find any i will post those here. And if you have any links to share with me please leave a message.

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